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September 16 2014, 06:35 PM

abitscottish: naaaah definitely not an occam's razor argument. just a little thing i did for amusement. :p and gosh re: your tags THERE ARE A LOT OF ICONS BEING MADE. i've made 347 from this ep already and i'm about 21 minutes in. the last episode was the worst though; i got over 700 from that episode alone! capaldi is very expressive but it makes for a lot of material.

You’re a photoshopping machine!

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September 16 2014, 06:27 PM

redtailedhawk90: My roommate and I were having a lot of trouble with the alien v. kid thing, too. Because the ending definitely implied that all the things they experienced were actually the mundane things they kept citing (i.e. kid), but you're right in that that one scene is SUPER indicative of the alien. And, like, I get that they were trying to sell us on the alien so we didn't just dismiss the whole thing, but it really could have been done better if he wanted to keep the twist and make it genuine. =/

Yeah, it felt to me like he really overplayed his hand.  That one scene where they are all facing the window, but we, the audience, are facing the creature just kind of ruins it because it shows that we can’t trust what we can straight-up see, which brings us to a whole new level of writer/audience mistrust.  I think he meant to imply with the blurriness, indistinct reveal, etc. that the Doctor, Clara, and bb!Danny were all picturing something like that in their minds, but it should have been shot with us looking out the window as well and just seeing indistinct, corner-of-the-eye flashes of something being there.  

September 16 2014, 06:01 PM

abitscottish: haha friend i read your tags on my post and thought i should explain -- it wasn't an argument. :p i'm just going through the episode second by second screencapping and editing icons for every expression capaldi makes and i sometimes make little jokey posts like that to get me through the tediousness of it. i LOVED listen quite a lot.

Cool beans.  Yeah, I’ve seen the alien vs. kid discussion floating around my dash, and I’ve been meaning to comment on it.  I didn’t mean to pull you into anything (hence the tags rather than an add-on to the post).  The way I read your post, it sounded kind of like an occam’s razor argument, and lol, my point was that yeah, it could be occam’s razor, except I think it cuts the other way.  Sorry about that; my tags definitely make it sound like I was addressing you in particular, when I was more trying to grumpily grump about the topic in general.

September 16 2014, 05:35 PM


okay so, two options.


option one: your friend’s a dick, 


and i just made ye sound really badass.


in which case, you’re welcome.


or, option two:


we’ve got a species perfectly
adapted to hiding in plain sight,


and it decided that the best place to hide


…….. was under your fuckin’ blanket.


what a goddamn disgrace to
evolutionary perfection.

September 16 2014, 10:02 AM


Tenth Doctor / Rose touch trajectory through Series 2

This is what happens when a behavioural scientist gets tired of hearing ‘clingy girlfriend’ comments…

For notes and a longer description, see here

Bonus fact: the biggest difference in touch frequencies was in the Rise of the Cybermen / Age of Steel two-parter, where the Doctor initiated touching five times to her one.

September 15 2014, 03:28 PM

The Shape of Words


Ten/Rose, ~2000 words, Teen-ish

Angst (seriously, it’s like 98% pathos)

EDIT: Constructive criticism and critique welcome on this one — feel free, negative opinions OK, and all that.  I promise I won’t take offense.   

EDIT #2:  Ack, I forgot to thank helplesslynerdy, who read through this ages ago.  Thaaaank you Ashley! 

It’s a curious thing, causality.  The possibilities of every microsecond, a spider web of moments, colliding, deflecting, forming probability vertices and bottlenecks of likelihood, or circling back on themselves, cementing fixed points and shunting other streams off into the infinite array of never-weres and might-have-beens. 

And, every now and then, there’s the rare binary—one particular instance that spirals around itself, synchronous timelines never intersecting, and with each possibility equal in weight.  A double helix of time, branching off from a single choice.  Yes-or-no.  On-or-off.  He-loves-me, he-loves-me-not.

In this case, it’s definitely the former.

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September 15 2014, 02:42 PM

This always makes me so angry, incompetent and overly-cautious driving is vastly more aggravating and dangerous than reckless driving oh my god

Yeeesssssssss.  I think it’s because the reckless people are usually reckless with some purpose, like changing multiple lanes at once, so at least you can correct for them, but the are-you-going-to-merge-it’s-time-for-you-to-merge-please-merge-aaack people are just ??? like are you awake, are you ok, what is happening here?

In my neck of the woods, we get a lot of tourists in the summer, and there are two distinct groups — the ones who will stand with one foot halfway in the crosswalk refusing to go until after you do even though you’re already stopped and waiting, and the ones who waltz out into traffic, sans crosswalk, from behind giant SUVs.  Ahhahaha my blood pressure!

September 15 2014, 02:16 PM

If you have the right-of-way but don’t take the right-of-way, you are not being nice and are, in fact, actively contributing to the decline of civilization.

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September 15 2014, 10:57 AM

Before it Breaks (14/?)


Author: resile
Rating: Teen
Ten x Rose x Tentoo
Summary: The walls between the universes close before the TARDIS reaches Bad Wolf Bay and the two Doctors and Rose have to learn how to relate to each other now that everything’s changed.
Words: ~4,200
Betas: rointheta, aimtoallonsy, and a bit o’ scullywolf.
Note: I’d like to remind everyone that this fic is named after an amazing song and you should listen to it sometime. 

Rose awakened slowly as the artificial light in her room stirred her to consciousness. The first thing that she noticed was that she was very warm. Almost too warm, in that way where sweat threatened to form, any second, on her back and forehead. She was buried in the duvet, covered in it like a burrito, up to her chin. 

As she blinked her eyes open and looked down, she saw a lightly haired, lightly freckled arm across her waist, and it all came flooding back. Her breath hitched. She caught the reaction, stifled it, not wanting to wake him, as she could feel him behind her, breath slow and steady. 

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, snuggling back into his embrace and letting the quiet of the moment pour over her. For several long seconds Rose felt nothing but warmth, love, happiness — radiating from his warm body right into her own. Then, the prior day’s events hit her and she had to bite her lip to keep her eyes from stinging. 

How could she ever be happy here when the other Doctor was alone?

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September 15 2014, 10:44 AM

He killed my mentor. I want him killed just as badly as you do.

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