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in the last couple episodes, clara oswald lied about:

  • danny telling her to stop travelling — he didn’t. we know this. stopping was her idea, as we saw in “kill the moon”, while danny tells her to “enjoy her space train”. she lied to shift the attention away from the fact that the real reason she had been planning to stop was because she knew, after “kill the moon”, that it might go badly.
  • danny then being okay with travelling now — i mean, he always was okay with it, but since she lied about him being the reason she was going to stop, she also lied about him being the reason she was now going to continue. she lied about this to, again, deflect from the fact that deep down she knows her “wobble” in kill the moon was much more than a “wobble”.
  • travelling with the doctor, to danny — if the end of “mummy” wasn’t explicit enough, we see this in “flatline”, when she’s on the phone with danny. she allows danny to think she’s broken it off with the doctor like she intended to at the start of “mummy”. she has not told danny she is travelling with the doctor again, not because he told her to stop (he never did), but because she’s embarrassed or ashamed that she’s continuing to travel with him after “kill the moon”. her travelling is being framed as an addiction by this point, remember. she is trying to save face by hiding that addiction from danny.
  • danny being “territorial” — she lies about this to the doctor to explain why she isn’t keeping any of her things on the TARDIS. she blames danny, when in reality she isn’t keeping her things on the TARDIS because she is lying to danny as well about not travelling anymore. she is lying to both the doctor and danny; twelve figures this out during “flatline” and they expressly discuss it. danny is not actually being “territorial”, clara is using him as a scapegoat in this lie, again

stop blaming danny pink for any of the above when we have been shown and told that clara is lying in all of these instances and that clara is in the wrong.

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happy birthday, nowrunalong 

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alyleth: How in the world do you do add the "read more" ??? I just thought it automatically appeared - which it obviously does not. I posted my first fic and couldn't figure out what to do!

So you just put your cursor wherever you want the break to occur (most people leave a paragraph or so visible to get people interested), and then push the little button that looks like a tiny digital hamburger.

And then all should be well!

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i’ve blocked so many people in the tags just because they post like 6000 words without a cut and i just think, nope

Yeah.  I haven’t blocked anybody, but I’ve blocked a loooot of posts.

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Shout out to everybody who uses a read-more when posting in the ficandchips tag.

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Doctor Who Fest: day #10

↳ Most epic Doctor Who scene: Bad Wolf


Doctor Who Fest: day #10

↳ Most epic Doctor Who scene: Bad Wolf

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