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Anonymous asked: Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people’s asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate. Also...I love your fics ;)

Aww, thanks anon!  You’re the tops!

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Rointheta’s 3k Rec List



I’ve been lucky enough to hit 3k followers! Thank you so much for following me and talking to me and being so nice and lovely in every way. <3 I really appreciate it!

To celebrate this, I’ve read through old and new favorite fics to pick out the ones I enjoy the most! Well, not all of them. I’m planning on making more rec lists in the future, so I’m saving some. ;)

It’s mostly Doctor x Rose, organized after genre with author, summary, pairing, rating, and length, and each and every fic on the list is fantastic and brilliant and written by super talented people! I’ve linked to the writers I know have tumblr, so remember to check out their blogs too! ^^

Happy reading, and thank you! <3 <3 <3 

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Tagged ooh this has a bunch of good fics and a couple I don't think I've read before hurray! doctor who fic rec (clearly there are a couple that you should definitely avoid ewww don't read those blech blech blech don't worry it's obvious which ones)

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Ahhahahaha, that’s AMAZING. And also amazing y’all didn’t report him to HR, geez. NOW YOU HAVE TO TELL THE BATHING SUIT STORY THOUGH.

Lol I would have reported him to HR except for the fact that he was COMPLETELY EFFING SERIOUS and clearly had no idea what he was saying was in anyway weird or disturbing.  He was like 80 years old.  

Ok, so the bathing suit thing — for awhile after college I worked as a customer service rep for this nationwide summer camp for kids with a focus on computers and tech skills.  We took calls from parents to answer all the “does Timmy need sunscreen?” and “can Billy join the advanced class even though he doesn’t technically qualify because I believe he’s super gifted?” questions.  

So this one day, I get a call from this lady who wants to know if her daughter will be going swimming during the camp.  I’m like, yeah, there’s a pool at the campsite, they might get a chance to go swimming if it’s available, so it’s good idea to pack a swimsuit.  

This answer is not good enough.  How many times will they be swimming?  On which days?  For how long?  

I’m like, well, I don’t know that, but just pack a swimsuit and everything will be fine.

NO.  She needs to know EXACTLY.  After nearly half an hour of swimsuit interrogation, I’m like, why do you need to know so badly?  And she tells me that she always packs TWO clean swimsuits for each time her daughter goes swimming.  I’m like, uhhh, it’s a five day camp.  She’s like, yes, exactly.  I’m like…but that’d be ten swimsuits if they went every day.  Your kid has ten swimsuits?    

YES.  She had ten. TEN swimsuits for this child. (Or possibly more?  who knows!)  And she wanted to know when they would be indoors vs. outdoors because her daughter would need to change her outfit for the different activities. 

Tagged gallifreyburning it was like a strange and terrifying view of some alternate reality I managed to fob her off on one of the camp counselors after about two hours lol man I hope that kid had a great time at camp and never once changed her clothes why the hell would anybody need TWO swimsuits per swim? lol I was afraid to ask

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gallifreyburning replied to your post “Ugg, writing website copy.  I’d forgotten how astoundingly bad I am at…”

I love everything about this post.

So this one time, the other lady who worked in marketing and I were trying to get some work done on this big project when in wandered the president of the company. (Which wasn’t that unusual, although it was a reasonably large company, his office was right down the hall from us.)  But anywho, this guy was about a gazillion years old and looooved to hear himself talk.

So he starts telling us all about his job and how hard it is and how everybody thinks it’s really easy but no, it’s not.  It’s actually really hard.  Super hard.  His work is hard. People don’t understand how hard it really is.  And so yeah, we’re nodding and smiling along, and then he starts to tell us about how his job is really not about making big decisions but instead is all about keeping things moving forward.  

Uh-huh, uh-huh, right, nod, nod, smile.  

And then he goes, ‘What I do is really all about going around to the different departments and giving them a push, so that they then push on the people below them who then push on you girls.’

Right.  Right.

'And if things aren't moving along, then I get out my lubricant to get things going.'

Right…wait, what?

'And it's a special lubricant.  A lubricant that only I have!'

Oh dear lord, let me keep a straight face, let me keep a straight face, sweet merciful poseidon don’t let me laugh at this crazy old man with the power to fire me, oh please oh please oh please.

Lol, luckily I didn’t laugh, but I did nearly run off the road on the way home.  The wackiest part was how the other lady didn’t even bat an eyelash, just kept right on serenely nodding along while I was actually shaking from the effort not to crack up.  She had the skills, man.

Tagged gallifreyburning why yes I am jumping on your innocuous comment as an excuse to tell a long-winded story about my youth gather round y'all while auntie meg tells you tales of days gone by if you're good I'll tell you about the summer camp phone job and the lady with ten bathing suits! yee-haw!

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Ugg, writing website copy.  I’d forgotten how astoundingly bad I am at marketing and PR.

Tagged buzz words buzzzzzzz words lol back in the day when I used to do marketing professionally I organized this event for the company's sales force with tons of presentations and such and in between every presentation the VP wanted a bee noise like buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz because bees were like some sort of keynote to his speech or something IDK and I was like ummm you're sure about this? and he was like yes dammit get me my bee noise and so I did and yeah bee noise played exactly once before he shut it off permanently because lbr bee noises are not pleasant or reassuring sounds it was like attack of the killer wasps in there lol we all had to wear bee pins too it was hilarious or it would have been if I hadn't had to spend a month organizing bee-themed promo merch catch the buzz people catch the buzzzzzz

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RTD Era Speed-Paint Portraits

I’ve been loaded up on commissions for like 2 weeks and I needed a breather to draw something I wanted to draw. And so portraits happen. I’ll probably do a Moffat Era set too. Each one was about 20 mins.

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Tagged wowee that's amazing! doctor who rose tyler martha jones donna noble jack harkess ninth doctor tenth doctor fanart YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL SO FREAKING TALENTED yo back from vacation btw it was awesome!